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"The GoodTimesKid has a whimsy, a passion, a sophistication and, above all, a vigor that's mostly drained out of Amerindie cinema over the last decade or so. "

— Andrew O'Hehir, SALON

"Descended from a long line of minimalist filmmakers, from Jacques Tati up through Jim Jarmusch, The GoodTimesKid dances in its own sweet style. Beguiling!"

— Matt Zoller Seitz, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"★★★★ (FOUR STARS)!"


• Director commentary with contributions from co-stars Gerardo Naranjo and Diaz

The Whirled (1956-63): A short film by Ken Jacobs that helped inspire The GoodTimesKid

Let's Get Started: A short film by Azazel Jacobs

Deleted Scenes

• Photo Gallery

• Original Trailer

• PLUS: An all-new essay by film critic Glenn Kenny


A story about stolen love and stolen identities, literally shot on stolen film... Momma's Man writer-director Azazel Jacobs' effortlessly hip second feature is an absurdist comedy of errors, a punk-rock slice of DIY rebellion, and a warmhearted frolic that captures the "amour fou spirit of the early French New Wave" (The Village Voice).

Hot-tempered Echo Park slacker Rodolfo Cano (Jacobs) enlists in the army to escape a meaningless existence with his free-spirited girlfriend Diaz (Diaz). When his call-for-service letter somehow winds up in the hands of another Rodolfo Cano (Gerardo Naranjo, director of Drama/Mex and I'm Gonna Explode), a quietly dignified loner who lives on a sailboat, their three lives intersect in odd and beautifully unexpected ways. Evoking the inventive gags of Chaplin and Jacques Tati, plus the deadpan minimalism of Kaurismäki and Jarmusch, The GoodTimesKid "finds poetry in wordless scenes of observation" (The New York Times).

Tech Specs

• 2007

• 77 Minutes

• Color

• Dolby Digital 2.0

• 1.85:1 aspect ratio

• In English

• NTSC Region 0

• Release Date: August 11th, 2009

• UPC: 793573567765

• SRP $24.98

The GoodTimesKid
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The GoodTimesKid The GoodTimesKid
The GoodTimesKid The GoodTimesKid
The GoodTimesKid The GoodTimesKid
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