Available on DVD 8/11/09

A story about stolen love and stolen identities, literally shot on stolen film... Momma's Man writer-director Azazel Jacobs' effortlessly hip second feature is an absurdist comedy of errors, a punk-rock slice of DIY rebellion, and a warmhearted frolic that captures the "amour fou spirit of the early French New Wave" (The Village Voice).

Benten Films
Special Features
Q&A with actor-musician Will Oldham

The widely influential singer-songwriter (a/k/a Bonnie "Prince" Billy) talks about starring in The Guatemalan Handshake, collaborating onscreen with R. Kelly, and his peculiar theory on where found treasures come from.
Q&A with The Guatemalan Handshake composer David Wingo

Benten Films chats with the Ola Podrida frontman about working with Todd Rohal, being David Gordon Green's favorite composer, how Brian Eno understands both him and Dylan, and what he thinks a Guatemalan handshake really is.

Download and hear every track of Kevin Bewersdorf's brilliantly eclectic soundtrack to Joe Swanberg's LOL. All of Bewersdorf's original songs are copyright free.